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From the streets of williamsburg and harlem to blue villas under starry old world skies … here comes žiga murko! a trombonist, composer, producer like the world has never seen before! from the smooth and mellow rhythms of old jazz parlors to twisted and exotic electronic beats, his music was born to entrance, to pull you out of the ordinary confines of reality straight into a world of fluttering electronica birds and blooming palm trees and from there to red lit rooms and gorgeous women basking in the haze of cigarette smoke. read more...

From an early age on, little Žiga Murko was fascinated with music, yes, he was born in a family of musicians, but his interest in music was something else entirely; it was the slow love that grows from the depths of your heart until it consumes your soul utterly. As a child he played the piano but instead of growing up in dark baroque rooms of old Austria, he grew with the dashing rhythms of the eighties in the haze of orange streetlights watching B horror movies. His love for the piano grew slowly and relentlessly, but he always had the feeling that something was amiss, something that his heart desired even more. And then one day, while playing in his house, he opened his fathers closet and saw it. The shiny brass lady. His great love to be. Her curves were soft and mellow but full, like those of African women. He took the trombone out of the closet and lifted it up to his lips, the shine of the sun reflected on its naked body, and from then on he never put it down. He spent the next eleven years studying classical music with acclaimed Slovenian musicians before switching his focus on Jazz and then moving to Rotterdam. The time spent in the Netherlands was a defining period of his life as he learned to play from great jazz masters like John Abercrombie, Jason Moran, Bryan Lynch and many others. His music slowly grew to new heights entwined with the atmosphere of old cobbled streets, leaning houses and narrow waterways and the fragrant smell of coffee shops and bars behind red curtains. As a foreigner in a strange land he had to struggle to gain reputation. Everyday was a fight, from the bleak weather to hedonistic temptation that stood at every corner diverting him from his through love.

But in the end his passion prevailed, and soon new winds from the North Sea started blowing and he felt it was time to leave. After graduating he left the glass city, and came back to Slovenia were he put his new skills to practice. He settled in the old city of Ljubljana where he started combining traditional jazz techniques with elements from other musical genres. Like the city, standing at the crossroads of Europe, a melting pot that drew influences from many different cultures and societies, Žiga Murko incorporated all this different influences into his creations, from Balkan melodies to urban, electronic beats. One day his career led him to the city that never sleeps, ole’ New York, New York, where a new journey began. The sounds and images of this magnificent city were carried straight into his music, incorporated and molded into it, the noise of traffic jams, the screech of construction sites or the flapping of wings of a solitary pigeon poised on a gargoyle protruding from the sides of the Chrysler building … everything, every single drop of noise from this vast metropolis. Fusing hip-hop rhythms with the sad wail of a lost saxophone and the electric spectacle of the nightly club scene. Thus Žiga Murko became what he is today, a profound mixture of exotic and erotic.

Like his music, he is continuing to grow in many different directions, standing at the intersection of many different highways.

COMING SOON … Žiga Murko travels to L.A. the city of sin

Curriculum Vitae

Notable performances:

Trombone quartet 3+1 (TEMSIG national award 1st place 2007)

Jazzon Ensemble (Jazzon, Novo Mesto 2005)

Igor Lumpert & Loops 13 (Jazz festival Lent, 2011)

Dre Hocevar 9mm (Festival Boben in Lajna 2011)

Dre Hocevar Boben in Lajna (Jazz Cerkno 2011)

Jan Kus AMNA (Festival Boben in Lajna 2011)

Codarts Big Band - Performance at North Sea Jazz 2011

Dre Hocevar Next - Jazz Lent 2011, Club Gajo Live – RTV Slovenija 2012

Žiga Murko 13 (Ljubljana Jazz Festival 2012, Jazz Lent 2012, Festival Boben in Lajna 2012)

Goran Krmac Take Off (Izzven 2012, Baladoor Jazz Festival 2012, Jazzon 2012)

European Jazz Orchestra (European tour 2012)

Žiga Murko Group (Stara elektrarna 2012)

Igor Bezget PANGEA (Jazz Festival Lent 2012)

Žiga Murko Group (MAX Klub Jazz Festival 2013)

Soloist with Big Band RTV Slovenija (DJEZZ Festival Celje 2013)

Zlatko Kaučič KOMBO (Trnfest 2013)

Big Band RTV Slovenija *soloist (DŽJEZZ 2013)

Dre Hocevar Trio *guest (Ljubljana Jazz Festival 2013, Spectrum NYC 2014)

Soloist with Big Band RTV Slovenija (Young Lions, Hotel Mons 2014)

Big Band DOM/soloist (Nishville Jazz Festival 2014)

Soloist with Big Band RTV Slovenija (Imago Slo., 2015)

Žiga Murko Live (solo) :
(Jazz Sonae - Casa da musica 2013;
Festival Boben in Lajna 2013;
Paxico Powwaw NYC 2014;
Shigeto at Klub K4 2014;
Stiropor festival 2014,
Red Ligh Radio 2014,
Festival Ment 2015,
Dorian Concept at Gala hala 2015,
Mndgsn at Gala Hala 2015
Stiropor Festival 2015)

Performed and recorded with:
Alex Sipiagin, Mark Turner, David Binney, Josh Roseman, Jason Palmer, Andy Hunter, Jonathan Powell, Rafael Statin, Bram De Looze, Billy Buss, David Taylor, Boštjan Simon, Zlatko Kaučič, Miles Griffith, Jure Pukl, Lenart Krecic, Igor Lumpert, Igor Bezget, Samo Šalamon, Robert Jukic, Sri Hanuraga, Kristijan Krajncan, Dre Hocevar, Marko Churnchetz, Robert Jukić, Kaja Draksler, Blaž Grm, Adrian Myers, Ilja Reijngoud, Tine Grgurevič, Igor Matković, Miguel Rodriguez, Goran Krmac, Yang Ming, Sleepy eyes, Grim DOZA, NA$TY, Jalal Salaam, Chloe Martini, Faith (Soulection), Shigeto, Dorian Concept, Mndsgn, Team Supreme, VESA, wuf, goldenninjah, princebase, Big Band RTV Slovenija, Big Band DOM, Braco Doblekar, Oto Pesner, European Jazz Orchestra,... 

Iztok Babnik
Albert Kolb
Ambrož Čopi
Branimir Slokar
Stanko Arnold
Bart Van Lier
Erik Van Lier
Ilja Reijngoud
Ben van den Dungen
Dick de Graaf
Jarmo Hoogendijk
Johan Clement
Ed Verhoeff
Hans van Oosterhout
Hans Mantel
Paul M. van Brugge

Slokar Academy (2004,2005, 2006)
Jazzinty (Novo Mesto 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009,2010)
Steve Turre, Arturo Sandoval, Conrad Herwig, John Abercrombie, Joshua Redman, Ralph Peterson Workshop (Codarts, 2011)
Dubspot class (NYC, 2013)

Boben in Lajna workshop
(Ljubljana, 2012)

Albums / productions:

Žiga Murko Group - Island (Žiga Murko, 2013)

Istra EP (Žiga Murko, 2013)

Žiga Murko 13 EP (Žiga Murko, 2013)

Dre Hocevar Trio “Motion In Time” (Lajna, 2013)
Track : After The End of Art

Just Coastin' EP (Žiga Murko, 2014)

Terra (Žiga Murko, 2014)

Green Room (Žiga Murko, 2014)

La Scala EP (BURNT•TAPES, 2015)

Purpe room (Žiga Murko, 2015)

Ljubljana (Žiga Murko, 2015)

Places EP (Žiga Murko, 2015)

Interspace (Žiga Murko, 2015)


Medicine for your Soul (PLAY IT LOUDER, 2014)

Stiropor Vol. 1 (Stiropor, 2014)

Stiropor Vol. 2 (Stiropor, 2015)

Heartbeats ( Kush FM, 2015)

Pacifics (UKNOWY, 2015)

Ctrl N - ZARŠ (ZARŠ Records, 2015)

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